HANDYMAN - Basingstoke

Office Handyman - Basingstoke

I offer my services to businesses in and around Basingstoke as an Office Handyman.  I maintain a number of businesses around Basingstoke including a dental surgery, managed office space, IT  & medical businesses.


I have maintained commercial properties for many years before I became a Handyman. Works I have undertaken and can undertake include;


I’m both intuitive, experienced and get great satisfaction from solving issues I am presented with.  I can often repair things in my van workshop. I always try to get to the cause of a problem so you get a fix and I don’t get called back

Your Handyman

As an example, I have a really great working relationship with one of the large offices I maintain locally. I respond quickly to requests and when on site, check all lighting and washrooms, looking for issues and keeping the building well maintained. I maintain a stock of  lamps onsite and communicate the tasks I complete on each visit and detail any outstanding tasks that I am continuing to work on.

The wall had been damaged by an angry member of staff. I replaced the plasterboard and re-plastered it  to make good. (The alarm is skewed awaiting an engineer visit)

Diverse skills;

Wall repair at retail shop in Festival PlaceI

Inventive: kitchen solution

Access to the under cupboard boiler kettle was impossible so I created a removable corner post with parts I had on my van workshop and solved the problem quickly so an Engineer could be called to service it,

Servicing a Quooker Pro7, under cupboard kettle

Asked to look at a slow running  kettle tap, I quickly worked out how to service it - removing a huge amount of limescale - then after further research and a call to the manufacturer, I stripped the unit down again, serviced the tap and pipework and saved the customer buying a new £800 heater. I have now serviced the limescale filter to reduce further scaling several times over the past 4 years due to Basingstoke’s hard water.

Examples of work I undertake and my creative solution