HANDYMAN - Basingstoke

About Basingstoke Handyman

Back in the 1980’s when I left the RAF, it was a well known fact that service personnel were disciplined, reliable and trustworthy… it got you hired. How do you choose a tradesman if you don’t have one recommended? Why not let me prove these credentials and help you out? (I’m happy to get references too)

A background in Electronics, I am self taught in all aspects of maintenance and used to maintain all the offices I worked in over 20 plus years. I’m intuitive and always try to get to the cause of a problem so I get it fixed. I don’t cut corners to make money. Having to come back is not good for me - or you - so I’ll avoid it if I can and only use high quality materials.

Over 40 years - I have been renovating and repairing homes in my spare time and have taught myself to do most things and do them to a high standard.

I have developed excellent skills in bathroom  and kitchen renovations, carpentry, plumbing, tiling, and much more. There’s not much I can’t do. The reason I’ve stopped doing major refurbishments is because they are very demanding. While I’m doing them I can’t take on Handyman jobs.

I continue to work into retirement, aiming to work a couple of days a week. This means I am free at short notice and can be flexible about when I work. I continue to work because I really enjoy being a Handyman.

Mike Edwards