Testimonial from (Sept 2015)

“Basingstoke Handyman is amazing. He has done our bathroom when two other plumbers said it was too small and could not be changed, since then he has done other work in our home and his work cannot be paralleled . I bless the day we found him. Go to his website to see his work. His details are on this site. 01256 467629 or. 07769 905395. Good luck with your work whoever you choose” Sandra M

Dedicated to Basingstoke, and surrounding areas,

Let me be your handyman. I’ll come along and do the odd jobs, fix up your house (or office) or repair broken things. My skills are really diverse and I carry lots of parts on my van (which is a mini workshop too). Though in the past I undertook lots of huge refurbishment projects to kitchens and bathrooms, I’m now much more focused on Handyman jobs and hope to be available at short notice more of the time.


So, let me help you with;

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Sorry, I don’t do ladders!

I do get requests to clear or repair gutters or paint/repair barge boards. This is not a safe occupation and so I simply don’t offer this service.

Timber Cutting

I have numerous woodworking machines and can cut, plane and shape timber .

I do enjoy  carpentry and will not charge too much for work in my workshop, especially if it can be done when I am  quiet.

Life Saving Offer.

Smoke Alarms save lives!

I carry smoke alarms and replacement batteries and will ask you if yours has been checked. I replace/fit alarms for £10 inclusive and replace batteries for £5 inclusive.

This is just my way to help you be safe in your home. You never know, I might just save your life.


Great neighbourhood forum to find help, express opinions or communicate about local issues.

I strive for good quality of work and promote the mantra that;

Good enough, isn’t!

“Like me” on Facebook

Facebook is for the younger generation, but I do get an increasing number of enquiries so it really helps me if I get approvals. I don’t seek out biased approvals, but if you like my work and are a Facebook user, then please be kind enough to like me.  Now that I predominately do Handyman small jobs, I need a continuous number of enquiries to make a living and be available at short notice. Though I don’t advertise much, I seem to be getting daily enquiries, which is keeping me busy. This backs up my belief that people need someone with a good range of skills and not overpriced to help them maintain their homes, rental properties  and businesses. Facebook.

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