Basingstoke Handyman Charges

The reason It is so difficult to find someone to carry out the small jobs is because we need to work whole days and small jobs only last an hour or a few hours. That is perhaps the main reason most tradesman don’t take on the small jobs. Add to that, customers will say “can you come at 10.00am, when half the morning is over.

To make a living therefore, I need to be efficient and complete many jobs per day.. By laying out my scale of charges, you can have some idea of what I will charge for on site time.

You can help me a lot by offering me a half day’s work or have me fix other things while I am with you.

I do carry lots of spare parts to avoid costly time away from site wherever possible and certainly don’t drag jobs out. . I’ll try not to “shoot off” for parts, thought it is inevitable some of the time.

Handyman Services, Property Maintenance

From £25/hr!

My Charges are as follows

1 Hour or less, from £40.00

2-3  hours, £30.00 per hour

Half day     £100.00 (Charge, where I cannot reasonably gain further income, may be billed at £100.)

Full day,    from £170.00 or where I can’t reasonably earn further income that day.

Evening, weekend, £35.00 per hour for completion of works undertaken during the day.


I charge £30 per hour for plumbing works  with a minimum of £40.00.

Business Services

Office maintenance and property services, Monday to Friday, 8..00 to 5.30, £35.00 per hour (Out of hours by negotiation)

Other charges

If I estimate for a job, I will charge additionally for materials I use unless stated up front. It is not easy to estimate materials I will use, especially  plumbing.

Call out Charges

A call out charge of £50, this covers the first hour and thereafter it is £35 per hour during the day for all services. A Call out is where you require me to attend the same day at your request to solve a plumbing or emergency issue.  After 4.30pm the charge will be £50 for the first half hour and £35 per half hour thereafter.

Refurbishment Projects

I no longer provide quotations for kitchen and bathroom refurbishments.  For special projects that I agree to take on I can offer multiple day works starting at £170.00 per day, chargeable until the work is complete (Though I would estimate how long it might take). Typically I am only taking on works of 3-5 days.