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Wall fixing recommendation - rawlplugs

This brief guide will help you to choose the right rawlplug for the job. In so many cases I am called to re-fix wall hung items that are falling out of the wall. The most common reason is people trying to hang things on dry lined walls. (Tap the wall and if it is hollow, it is more than likely dry lined. This is when a plasterboard is fixed about 20mm from the brickwork, either on wooden battens or dabs of plaster.

Drywall Heavy duty plug curtain rails, pictures, mirrors,

Buy Here   Drill 8-9mm

This is really one of the best plugs I have found for fixing curtain rails into dry lined (hollow sound) wall. Drill a tight hole (7-8mm) and force the plug in, holding the wings closed with pliers, use a long screw to pull the wings tightly against the back of the plasterboard.

Red masonry plugs, pictures, small objects

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These provide excellent fixing strength when fitted to drylined and masonry walls. Drill a very tight hold and bang them in with a hammer to make sure the are tight within the hole.

Yellow masonry plugs  pictures , small objects

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Same as the red plugs but smaller 3-4.5mm drill size

Blue raw plug strip masonry walls, dry lined curtain rail fixing

Buy in hardware stores, or Here   Drill: 8-9mm

This is an old fashioned plug yet it offers really strong fixing when screwed deep into the brickwork behind a dry lined wall and fixed with long screws that bite into the brickwork