Electrical services

A fully qualified Electronics Engineer by trade, I am able to offer electrics works but cannot offer the additional installation of new circuits (adding sockets) that require the Part P qualification. (The amount of electrics work I undertake doesn’t warrant spending £2000 on the training and annual certification.)

What I can offer includes;

Appliance chargers (mobiles, tablets etc)

If, like me, you have a drawer full of chargers, you can make your worktop tidier by having me fit a 13 amp socket that has built in USB charging sockets included.

These have become increasingly common and cost as little as £12 each to buy. All you then need is the USB charging cable.

If I’m already working for you, then it will take less than 30 minutes to install, otherwise I’ll come and fit a dual socket for £45 including the socket in plain white, or £30 if you buy the appropriate socket. Go to an electrical wholesaler or Screwfix.