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Home Improvements - Affordable Bath to Shower Makeover

If you are faced with the inability to access the shower over the bath and need to replace it with a shower, like the retired lady in this conversion and the plumbing and tiling require minimal work, then I can offer a budget makeover.

In this example, savings had to come from a simple in/out replacement and the retention of much of the original tiling and decorations , I undertook this conversion to a shower - replacing the ancient pampas green bathroom suite in just a week.

Though the customer had identified a shower enclosure from a national DIY store, I was really pleased with the Simpsons Supreme shower enclosure that I installed for a similar budget to the inferior DIY chain product, it is a bright chrome finish, has a sturdy door and should last many years - very good quality.

The shower controller was recommended because it WILL work with gravity water feed, unlike several other bar style thermostatic controllers I might have chosen. (Good advice from Plumbers World!)

The main tiling behind the shower (where the bath stood) was replaced with low cost tiling. This left the area under the original bath requiring tiling. We had planned to used tiles removed from the shower area  - if they could be saved - but they couldn’t. I will update the pictures once wall cladding has been added to the remaining area.

This is a budget makeover and the owner is over the moon. The products are good quality (within the context of their budget).  These are preliminary pictures.

I cannot guarantee to offer you a really low cost solution unless the work is straightforward and you are prepared to compromise on the finish to obtain a shower conversion on a budget. I don’t do poor quality so will look to buy appropriate products within the budget and avoid excess plumbing, the need for re-plastering, use of a skip (if you take the waste away) and so on. Want to help to save more?

I’m happy to come and look at your bathroom and offer a quote.

Call or visit Clive Blissett at Plumbers World, Basingstoke to see a wide range of affordable quality bathrooms like this.

The compromise:

The saving

Summary of products installed;

Simpsons Supreme Framed 800+ Pivot Door - 7036  + glazed side panel (Very pleasing quality for a budget enclosure)

Hydro 45 800mm square shower tray (Acrylic resin with riser kit)

Vitra Milton 57cm Wash basin

Vitra Milton closed coupled pan

Colt exposed valve harmony head shower controller (low cost and ease of installation)

Adora Sky basin monobloc smooth body tap

Pre renovation images

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Have you still got a bathroom like this and just want to replace with a white suite?  Contact me for a quote.