Office Handyman - Basingstoke

I have maintained commercial properties for many  years before I became a Handyman. Works I have undertaken and can undertake include;

I have done quite substantial works in my time, creating a full laboratory with benches, R&D testing cupboards with extraction, R&D jigs and test assemblies. Construction of a full laboratory room using Komfort wall partitions with plasterboard and glass panels. Over a 19 year period I undertook most of the day to day maintenance and repairs in the buildings I worked in.

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I’m both intuitive, experienced and get great satisfaction from solving issues I am presented with.  I can often repair things in my van workshop. 2017 is the year when I am focusing more of my time to Office Handyman due to the success I have realises in 2016.

Your Handyman

As an example, I have a really great working relationship with one of the large offices I maintain locally. I respond quickly to requests and when on site, check all lighting and washrooms, looking for issues and keeping the building well maintained. I maintain a stock of  lamps  onsite and communicate the tasks I complete on each visit and detail any outstanding tasks that I am continuing to work on.

The wall had been damaged by an angry member of staff. I replaced the plasterboard and re-plastered it  to make good. (The alarm is skewed awaiting an engineer visit)

Diverse skills;

Wall repair at retail shop in Festival PlaceI

Inventive: kitchen solution

Access to the under cupboard boiler kettle was impossible so I created a removable corner post with parts I had on my van workshop and solved the problem quickly so an Engineer could be called to service it,

Servicing a Quooker Pro7, under cupboard kettle

Asked to look at a slow running  kettle tap, I quickly worked out how to service it - removing a huge amount of limescale - then after further research and a call to the manufacturer, I stripped the unit down again, serviced the tap and pipework and saved the customer buying a new £800 heater. I have now serviced the limescale filter to reduce further scaling.

Repair, refit; office ceiling panels

I regularly replace ceiling fluorescent lamps, whole light clusters (shown here with burned out terminal block) and have started to replace the lamp bank with the Sedna LED module that attaches magnetically after all the old fittings are removed and reduces power by 95%

Examples of work I undertake and my creative solution